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Previewing Clemson

The ACC, in it's current state, can only attract so much attention in any given football week. This week, all the oxygen in the room is being sucked up by the FSU-Miami game, and it's a shame. Because the Clemson-UNC game has a great deal more importance than you'd think at first glance. Both teams are good enough to contend for their respective division titles, but the combination of an early loss to an SEC team and them dropping their respective ACC openers has put the two teams behind the eight ball. They're 2-2 and in danger of being written off by the second week of October.

And just how both teams really need to win, they're both pretty easily matched. UNC should have the advantage when Kyle Parker decides to throw; not only do they have a full complement of safeties for the first time this season, but the Tigers are trying out an entirely new slate of receivers in an effort to humorists a pretty moribund passing game. The running game is where Clemson is going to excel, with a pair of strong backs going against UNC's depleted front line. The offense for the Heels will as always be a crapshoot. It'll be interesting to see if they can get the running game going for a second straight week, but the Tigers are a more formidable defense than ECU. If the Heels win this, it'll be through the air - and not screwing up on special teams, of course -a thought that was terrifying a month and a half ago. But Yates is leading the team well if not spectacularly. A good win here might net him and he Tar Heels a little of that attention they've avoided since the opening loss.