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Basketball Notes

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Just a reminder to submit your questions for the THF roundtable post we will be doing prior to the start of the season.

  • The ESPN/USA Today coaches poll was released on Thursday with UNC coming it at #9. Yeah. Probably too high to start the season given the number of things we don't know about how the PG position will perform. Yes, UNC is getting some major upgrades in areas of need from last season in the form of Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock. The PG question still lingers. Of course it all depends on how you look at such a poll. Is it predictive? Current? The result of bad takeout? Herb Sendek screwing with people? Anyway. Heels are #9 right now though I'd feel better if they were around #15.
  • Clemson players Andre Young and Demontesz Stitt think this is the year for Clemson to finally win in Chapel Hill. Someone correct me but I believe Stitt was on-hand to witness the proverbial blocking of the Tigers' collective windpipes in 2008 despite being up 15 with three minutes left. Danny Freaking Green....wait just a minute...this is obligatory:
    As I was saying, Danny Freaking Green started bombing threes as did Wayne Ellington. Tyler Hansbrough was diving on the floor after loose balls and Quentin Thomas(!) was making clutch shots and hitting free throws. Clemson was three minutes away from ending a half century-plus of misery with one of the best teams they have ever brought to Chapel Hill and could not get it done. I am not saying Stitt and Young are wrong. Enough bizzarro crap has been flying around in the past ten months to make even a Clemson win in Chapel Hill possible. However, if it did not happen on that faithful Sunday night in 2008, I have to wonder if it is ever going to happen.
  • Davis Glenn caught up with Roy Williams at ACC Operation Basketball. ACC Now has other comments from Roy including the usual Harrison Barnes is the freaking man. Speaking of being a man, Justin Knox is according to Roy and apparently when he sets a screen, someone ends up on the floor. Roy called the loss of Will graves "big" seeing he was down to 228 and was going to be used mostly at the four which would have created matchup issues for the opposing team considering Graves' range. The loss of Graves means Justin Watts is spending some time at the four. Translation? Roy is willing to go small, mainly because he has no choice. Roy also is turning the intensity down in practice because UNC is only carrying 10 scholarship players.
  • CBS Sportsline's Gary Parrish named Harrison Barnes as the top wing forward in the country. And yes the story that Barnes went to the practice gym after Late Night with Roy because he was unhappy with the way his 6-10 shooting night went is true.