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Report: Burney Cleared[RETRACTED]

This post has been retracted based on new information. See here.

UPDATE: This is still not official yet since UNC has not offered anything up as of this morning. There seems to be an additional hurdle to clear to get Burney on the field as it pertains to what happened at the honor court last night.

Via WCHL on Twitter:

UNC FOOTBALL NEWS: Kendrick Burney cleared by honor court and will play Saturday against Miami.

Kendric Burney completed his six game NCAA suspension this past Saturday. However there was still an outstanding issue for the honor court to sort out. Dick Baddour had said they were looking for this to be resolved prior to the end of the suspension but that was not the case. The message board rumor of the day was that Burney was due before the honor court Monday evening. That apparently was the case and he was cleared.

With Burney back UNC has 3/4 of the starting secondary intact and one of the best cornerbacks in the ACC. The problem is Burney has not played a live action game since the Tire Bowl vs Pitt late last December. Hoepfully there will not be too much rust. Burney had a huge game vs Miami last year tallying three INTs and 170 total return yards. Given Miami QB Jacory Harris' penchant for throwing interceptions, having most of the secondary back will be huge for this game.

Note: UNC has not officially confirmed this but all signs point to it being correct.