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Let The Basketball Previews Begin!

With the start of basketball practice we are now inside of four weeks until the 2010-11 basketball season gets under way for UNC in their quest to erase whatever the heck that was last season. In preparation for the coming season we, here at THF, will be doing a series of posts previewing what we hope will be a return to the Heels' proper place in the basketball universe. Doc, C.Michael and I will be doing player profiles and dropping other preview-like content in your general direction. Rest assured we have cleared these previews with the NCAA beforehand.

As a part of the previews the three of us will be answering your questions in a roundtable discussion. Please submit questions using the contact form. Be sure to include your screen name so we can properly credit you if we use the question. We will pick a handful of questions and do our best to answer them or if that doesn't work make some abstract movie reference.

The first of the preview posts will drop tomorrow morning.