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More Than Your Probably Want To Hear From John Blake's Lawyers

This is like a freaking tennis match. I would crack a lawyer joke but way too many of you are members of the bar so I will refrain. In case you are keeping score we had the original Charles Robinson story which said John Blake received six wire transfers and a loan for $45,000 from Gary Wichard while he was at UNC. Blake's lawyers came along the next day and said that was not the case. Robinson talked to them and tweeted on Friday that his reporting was correct.

Today? Charles Robinson spoke with Blake's lawyers today and received clarifications on when those payments occurred:

  • The six wire transfers did occur while Blake was at UNC happening between 2007-2009.
  • The Pro Tect credit card which Blake held was also still active while Blake was at UNC. It could have been for as long as eight months.
  • Three of the wired transfers were supposedly for private school tuition for Blake's son. It should be noted those transfer came during the what would be the middle of the traditional school semester.
  • The $45,000 loan to Blake from Wichard's bank also came while Blake was at UNC.
  • Blake's lawyers say these were "gifts/loans" and not payments.

ESPN's Joe Schad also talked to the lawyers who repeated much of the same information and added this nugget:

John Blake's attorney's say Blake would be "devastated" by Butch Davis saying he is "sorry" he "trusted" Blake

Whatever dude.

Does this tell us anything new? Important? Make you queasy?

The biggest unanswered questions still pertain to specific dates and amounts. Especially the latter since it would be difficult for Blake to be an effective runner on peanuts. According to UNC AD Dick Baddour the transactions do not constitute violations but I am not sure of anything given the vendetta the NCAA appears to have with the whole agent angle. We also have no idea what other cards the NCAA holds and the fact this kind of stuff is not happening in a vacuum. The money directed to Blake might only be part of a larger still unknown issue or unrelated altogether.

Really, I could go around this circle all night.

But I won't.

Your welcome.