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NCAA Denies Appeals For Burney, Williams[UPDATED]

UPDATE: UNC confirms. Here is what Dick Baddour had to say.

"I am disappointed for Deunta and Kendric and quite frankly the NCAA can kiss my lily white.."

Oh..whoa...that's not right. Here is the actual quote:

"I am disappointed for Deunta and Kendric, but I respect the NCAA’s decision," Baddour said in a statement today. "I appreciate the committee allowing us the opportunity to present their case"

Carry on


News is trickling out via Twitter and a local TV station in Eastern NC.

I am not entirely sure what, if anything, appealing these decisions accomplishes. I assume they concluded Deunta Williams was within the scope of the rule given the amount of the benefit but I still would like an explanation as to why Kendric Burney got more than four games. I would also like $10 million but I know that is not coming either.

My hope was the NCAA would reduce Burney's suspension to four games and UNC would at least have 3/4 of the starting secondary for Clemson. As it stands now, UNC will have both safeties and Williams is a big part of the defense. Better than nothing I suppose.