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Notes From Board Of Governors Meeting

Let's see.

Holden Thorp apologized...profusely. And tap danced...profusely when asked about why they handed John Blake $75,000 instead of firing him. Thorp said he was concerned about Butch Davis not knowing stuff (you and me both, brother.) Okay, what else? Oh good, the investigation could take up to a year! Hey, its great news to know we will still be talking about this next summer! Sure I will still be sane by then. Actually that's not much of a surprise given how complicated this whole mess has ended up being. The USC case took 3-4 years to wrap up. However it will probably comes as a bucket of cold water to the some UNC fans who think this would be over once the NCAA decided on the individual players. That also means the Alderaan Scenario is likely in full effect.

Speaking of the players, Dick Baddour said (via @KenMedlin): "decisions could come soon on individual players, but: 'Some of that news is not going to be good in my projection.'"

Yeah, that sounds about right.