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Josh McRoberts Ruins Everything

In case you didn't see, the Indiana Pacers started off the third quarter by hitting their first twenty shots. They went 20 for 20, scoring 54 points, the fourth highest point production in a quarter in NBA history. Tyler Hansbrough had a bucket; Mike Dunleavy, Jr. went 7 for 7. Everybody else for the Pacers was perfect from the field. And then, with one second left on the clock, Josh McRoberts launched a three.

And missed. Stupid Josh McRoberts.

Unfortunately, the Nuggets, coached by George Karl and with Ty Lawson coming off the bench, were the victims of this barrage. Lawson led the Nuggets with 19 points, while Hansbrough had 20 for the Pacers. McRoberts had two.