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Puerto Rico Tip-Off Records Set By UNC

Yes, the Puerto Rico Tip-Off is in it's fourth year of existence; the amount of history isn't exactly staggering. So when UNC rewrote the record book tonight, it wasn't exactly the greatest feat. Still, the most impressive thing I did this evening was eat a grilled cheese sandwich, so let's take a moment:

  • Points scored by a team: 107 (Previous record of 89 belonged to Ole Miss, 2009)
  • Field goals made: 40 (Previously 35 from a couple of teams)
  • Field goals attempted: 71 (Previously 70, Missouri)
  • Field goal percentage: 56.33% (Previously 56.25%, Virginia Tech)
  • 3-Point field goal percentage: 70.6% (Previously 56.3%, Marist)
  • Assists: 29 (Previously 27, Missouri)
  • Individual Assists: Kendall Marshall, 9 (Previously 8, five different players)

UNC would promptly lose the field goals attempted record to Western Kentucky in the following game, and the percentage record to Minnesota's 62.5%; also, Minnesota's Blake Hoffarber would tie Kendall Marshall's assist record in that game. You know what that means – assist-off! Tomorrow! Be there!