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UNC 80, UNC-Asheville 69

Bulldogs vs Tar Heels boxscore

Well that was... average. Against an opponent UNC usually – as expected – trounces, the Heels built up a 22-point lead, gave a good portion of it up, and then won comfortably. Basically, you can read whatever you want to in this game.

If you're looking for good news, it's there. On little rest, UNC refocused on their interior game. Tyler Zeller led all scorers with 23, and John Henson and Justin Knox had 10 points apiece. The team had a rebounding margin of 48 to 27, shot their best from the free throw line this season, and had their customary block party when facing a smaller opponent. Even Harrison Barnes began to shake off whatever felled him in Puerto Rico, hitting all three of his attempts from behind the arc and finishing with 13 points and 7 rebounds. Everything's looking up!

Except, well, the perimeter shooting, turnovers, guard play and that whole vanishing 22-point lead thing. UNC-Asheville picked the Heels' pocket 13 times tonight, and UNC turned the ball over an additional seven times. Barnes was the only player to hit a three; for the last sixteen minutes of the game Carolina hit one shot that wasn't a layup or free throw. The team is in a freefall and we're living last season all over again.

Or not. Like I said, you can read whatever you want to in this game. The team's running on fumes after two rough games in San Juan and a quick trip back to Chapel Hill. They don't play again until this Sunday, a game that will be a much better judge of where this team stands.