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#8 UNC vs Barton(Exhibition)

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Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Friday, November 5th, 7:30 PM
TV: Tar Heel Blue(Pay per view, $9.95)

Basketball. Is. Here.

I know its an exhibition and the most pressing question we really get to banter around is the starting lineup but the fact UNC will be on a basketball court playing somebody brings warm feeling to my heart. Also, everyone is ready to see Harrison Barnes in action but only if you are willing to pony up the cash to Tar Heel Blue.

For the record I think the starting lineup will be:

PG Larry Drew
SG Dexter Strickland
C Tyler Zeller
SF Harrison Barnes
PF John Henson

As far as setting expectations, these games tend to be sloppy as the team continues to work out kinks, learns to play together and gets a feel for running Roy Williams' offense and defense. Since that is the case there will be turnovers and the chance the defense could look downright crappy like in 2007 when UNC gave up 101 points to Pfeiffer. Ragged and rough will likely be the order of the evening which is to say everyone probably should relax and enjoy the fact basketball is back.

UNC 95 Barton 61