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Different Views Of The Same Incident

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I always find this sort of thing fascinating. During the UNC-NCSU game on Saturday there was incident following Russell Wilson's improbable TD pass which pulled the Wolfpack within two. Wolfpack WR Javaris Williams mixed it up with UNC LB Kevin Reddick with the latter throwing a punch. Both were ejected from the game. As is always the case with an incident like this occurring in a rivalry game, whatever shade you wear greatly influences how you view the incident. You will recall it was much the same when Tyler Hansbrough was flagrantly fouled by Duke's Gerald Henerson in 2007. UNC fans screamed bloody murder, Duke fans said it wasn't intentional and Billy Pack mortgaged any credibility he had left over the whole thing. This is no different. You will have fans on both sides who will watch the same video and tell you completely different stories. Such is the nature of the beast but nonetheless entertaining to watch and debate. This is where I miss 850 the Buzz's blog the most because this would have made for an epic debate.

Here is video of the incident via WTVD(link here if the embed video does not work)

Now let's talk about the way the different groups with a vested interest in this game might see the incident above.

1. Average NC State fan

Kevin Reddick initiated the whole melee by pressing his knee down on Owen Spencer's neck then kicking him when he got up. Javaris Williams saw this and chose to defend his teammate. Reddick did not appreciate Williams being in his face to he pushed then punched him. I guess we should not be surprised. Donte Paige-Moss punched someone last season. Quinton Coples tried to injure Russell Wilson earlier in the game with a late hit out of bounds. The Tar Holes have no class and Butch Davis has no control over his program, even what is happening right in front of him.

2. Average UNC fan

Javaris Williams started it, that is clear in the video. Kevin Reddick did end up on top of Owen Spencer and when he tried to get up, he was bumped from behind, fell again then finally got up. In doing so he raked his foot across Spencer's face mask. I don't think he meant to do that nor was he trying to hurt him. Spencer did not seem to mind since he got up and went to see what the referee call was on the TD. Williams came over, ran into the middle of the refs' huddle begging for them to rule it a catch. They did at which point Williams came out of the huddle and confronted Reddick who was actually turning to walk way.  On the video he is clearly seen jawing at Reddick who pushed then punched Williams. Reddick really needed to keep his cool here but that is difficult in a highly emotional game and when someone is provoking you. And don't tell me Williams was taking exception to Reddick's knee on Spencer since he first went to the ref's huddle then decided to bark at Reddick. If the knee was such an issue, one would think he would have gone after Reddick from the get go. Maybe his multi-tasking skills are just that good.

3. Lunatic NCSU fan

Reddick instigated it by driving his knee into Spencer's throat. Spencer may have lost consciousness for a few seconds and possibly is brain damaged. His getting up immediately then running off and celebrating was just an involuntary response sort of like when you cut the head off a snake. Please pray for Owen Spencer and his family.Williams, in an overwhelming sense of loyalty to his teammate, loyalty that does not exist at UNCCheat as evidence by the actions of SIXTEEN players who were so selfish they put themselves ahead of the team, went to avenge his teammate and was punched by the thug Reddick for his trouble. Yes, Williams ran into the referee huddle first before dealing with Reddick but he is a great multi-tasker that way. He has tremendous management skills. He knew the TD was the most important thing and after he successfully lobbied for the catch which was in question before he arrived, he then sought justice for the now crippled Spencer, God bless him, because Tom O'Brien's is a man of great honor and character and demands his players act with character to fight such hooligans as Reddick and the thugs at UNCCheat for truth, justice and the American way.

4. Lunatic UNC fan

Forget that...what about the fact the ball touched an NCSU player who had been out of bounds? The play should have been whistled dead right then with no touchdown! The refs really screwed us in this one.

5. Rameses who was standing near the play

Hey. HEY! Don't bring that stuff over here. What the *&#%$ are you thinking? You see these horns? You do realize I head butted my own father and broke the horns clean off his head right? I killed my old man so I have no qualms about ramming you guys so future reproduction is no longer an option for you. You think that cup going to help you? Let me repeat: Broke. Dad's. Horns. Some piece of plastic in your jock strap is not going to be an issue. So take that crap somewhere else, your stepping on all the good grass over here.

6. Movie director Oliver Stone

If you pay attention to the video, you will see there is clearly a second gunman in the crowd. He fired his gun which started Mr. Williams causing him to lurch forward and to the left. Forward and to the left into Mr. Reddick's chest. It was clearly a conspiracy to elicit a response from Mr. Reddick thus crippling the run defense so NC State could win the game and go to the ACC Championship.

7. Lunatic NCSU fans a week from now if the Wolfpack lose to Maryland

I am effing done with TOB. He is a complete joke of a head coach. How do you now have this team ready to play a Maryland team which was clearly a fraud. And what was he and Dana Bible thinking on <insert key fourth quarter decision here>????? Don't get me started on Russell Wilson. I like Wilson and I appreciate all he has done, but I think we need to look to the future and give Mike Glennon some playing time in the bowl game. Here we had a chance to go to the FREAKING ACC TITLE GAME and TOB blew it. Thanks Tom! Of course it may have been easier if John Swofford had not instructed the referees to throw all those flags on us. It's all UNC's fault!

8. My seventeen month old son