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Injury Report vs FSU

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Here is the injury report for UNC's game vs FSU:

Bernard, Giovani RB Knee
Elleby, Greg DT Knee
Felder, Brendon WR Knee
Heffernan, Tommy LB Shoulder
Mularkey, Shane LB Shoulder
Pianalto, Zack TE Ankle
Shankle, Terry CB Knee

Boston, Tre CB Ankle
Jackson, Mywan CB Thigh

You will note that LB Quan Sturdivant is not listed which should mean he is good to go. The same is true for Alan Pelc. Neither played a week ago despite being listed as probably. Butch Davis likely wanted to be sure he had them both for the stretch run. It will be interesting to see just how "questionable" Tre Boston and Mywan Jackson are come Saturday. With the Heels facing FSU's Christian Ponder and needing to win the rest of their games to even have a sniff at the Coastal Division, this really qualifies as an all hands on deck situation.