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McAdoo, Ramsay Declared Permanently Ineligible

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Thus ends the individual portion of our program.

The NCAA has ruled that junior DE Michael McAdoo and FB Devon Ramsay permanently ineligible due to academic infractions. UNC plans to appeal the decision.

Via IC:

North Carolina will appeal the decision to the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, an independent panel comprised of representatives from NCAA member colleges, universities and athletic conferences. This committee can reduce or remove the condition. The student-athletes remain ineligible until the conclusion of the appeals process.

“While we respect the decision, the facts of the cases simply do not support permanent ineligibility,” says Dick Baddour, North Carolina Director of Athletics. “We will aggressively appeal and are hopeful the reinstatement committee will reach the same conclusion.”

A junior from Red Bank, N.J., Ramsay played in the first four games of the 2010 season and had two catches for 15 yards, including a touchdown vs. LSU. He was withheld from competition beginning with the Clemson game on Oct. 9 and has not returned. The NCAA enforcement staff will not require UNC to forfeit the two games in which Ramsay played this year.

One major question hanging out there since Ramsay was held out prior to the Clemson game  is whether UNC would have to forfeit wins in which he played should the NCAA do exactly what they have done. Fortunately for UNC the answer is "Yeah, you can keep 'em." Whether that is a rare moment of mercy from the NCAA or an admission they screwed up is anyone's guess.

The other question is why the NCAA authorized the use of nuclear weapons for these two and none of the other academic infractions which appeared to have all be handled internally? You answer via WTVD's Mark Armstrong:

Okay - got the info. Both McAdoo and Ramsay used improper 'help' from Wiley while she was employed by UNC - hence NCAA deathblow....

Other academic casualties got help from Wiley not only after she was released from UNC, but also AFTER her continued employment with Butch.

There has always been a question of when the academic infractions occurred or rather did any occur while Jennifer Wiley was still working for UNC. In the case of all the others, it was after her time at UNC but in the case of these two it was while Ms. Wiley was still working at UNC. Remember, it is not an NCAA issue if a student-athlete receives improper academic assistance on their own from a third party not employed by the school. If a member of the academic support staff or a professor or really anyone else working for UNC renders illicit help the NCAA's ethical conduct bylaw comes into play which is the case here.

UNC had decided to appeal the decisions which means Dick Baddour and the gang think the NCAA was too harsh in the punishment. Given an appeal probably will not be heard until next week, we can assume the appeal is about saving next season for both players. McAdoo and Ramsay are juniors which means they have another season even if they lose this one to NCAA penalties. What UNC will basically be asking for here is for the NCAA to reduce the penalty from permanent ineligibility to a year suspension making it possible for both to play next season.

In terms of the big picture, this is not exactly good news. I had hoped that Ms. Wiley's illicit academic assistance had all transpired after she departed UNC meaning this was less of an FSU situation. It is still not the same magnitude as what happened at FSU nor can you say it was anything other than just a lone rogue tutor. However the fact some of this went on while Ms. Wiley was at UNC makes it institutional issue creating the potential for harsher program penalties when that time comes.

With McAdoo and Ramsay's cases decided all players previously held out of action by UNC have had the statuses resolved. For a full rundown of all sixteen cases check out our player tracker here.