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Mike Paulus Gets In Touch With His Inner Sam Cassell

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He is a Paulus after all.

William and Mary quarterback and former Tar Heel Michael Paulus might have benefited from this. After starting quarterback Mike Callahan was injured in the first quarter on Saturday Paulus came in and provided a jolt of offense. He completed 13 of his first 14 passes for two touchdowns and a 17-7 halftime lead. He was brimming with so much confidence he started to talk to the opposing players to let them know about it.

It didn't turn out too well. The Tribe didn't score in the second half. It was an occasion when it gained a first down on a Carolina defense that dug in. And maybe Donte Paige-Moss wouldn't have tried to land his entire 300-pound frame on Paulus' shoulder when completing the game ending sack. Now Paulus is injured and questionable going forward. He might miss a few games, maybe longer.

When I read this it reminded me of FSU's Sam Cassell wagging his tongue at the camera while en route to the locker room after the Seminoles had jumped out to a huge lead on UNC at the Dean Dome in 1993. I imagine he nearly swallowed the darn thing when George Lynch stole the ball and went in for the game leading dunk late in the 2nd half.

Donte Paige-Moss, who has no qualms about taking swings at his own teammates apparently took exception to Paulus running his mouth. Paige-Moss crushed Paulus on a sack at the end of the game. Bruce Carter sacked Paulus on the previous series. The lesson here is to keep your freaking mouth shut at least until the game is over and especially versus people you used to call teammates. Then again, it might be a William & Mary thing. Around 5:15 PM on Saturday a comment hit the moderation queue which said: "What do Ya'll think of the CAA now!!!" Really? The game is not over and you want to talk smack about the CAA on a UNC blog? Apparently premature smack talking is a serious issue among The Tribe.

In other football news, WRAL obtained the tutor's handbook governing how tutors hired by UNC's academic support should behave. Riveting stuff there. The only part I found remotely interesting was the basic confirmation of what I already assumed and that is a player cheating without the help of a UNC employee is subject to face only the honor court and no NCAA violation occurs. If the athlete receives help from a tutor/coach/janitor then it becomes an NCAA issue. That is why it is important to know when the said assistance from Ms. Wiley occurred. Was it before or after he employment with UNC ended? It would seem, given the way this has all played out, it happened after she left UNC.