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Notes From UNC's "Secret" Scrimmage

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I am little shocked the local media did not file a FOIA request so they could watch.

Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman spoke to a source who witnessed UNC's 40 point win over my alma mater UNC Greensboro in a scrimmage on Sunday. According to this person the best player on the floor for UNC was not Harrison Barnes but Tyler Zeller who dominated the game. Barnes did not play poorly mind you but Zeller was so good he was called a "lottery pick." As Goodman points out, UNCG was overwhelmed by the Heels' talent which is not unexpected. As a preseason top ten team(whether you believe that or not) UNC did what they were supposed to do which is beat the crap out of a lesser opponent. One major point of concern is UNC did not drop 100 on the Spartans, something that must be addressed. People are going to want their biscuits.

Additional scrimmage notes after the jump.

The word was that Larry Drew has improved, played under control and shot the ball well – making three or four 3’s in one 10-minute stretch. Dexter Strickland will spend nearly all of his time playing shooting guard with the addition of freshman Kendall Marshall (who saw significant minutes, hitting three shots for eight points and recording three steals).

Strickland can be a lock-down defender and was far more comfortable not having to make decisions with the ball in his hands.

"He’s a ridiculous athlete. He can be pretty special with the way he pressures the ball.”

* Henson was just OK. He bothered UNC Greensboro with his length and showed his lefty hook, but wasn’t dominant like Zeller.

* Freshman Reggie Bullock shot it well early, but then struggled a bit from the field.

* Justin Knox was solid, but still has a ways to go in terms of learning the system.

* Justin Watts played power forward. He rebounded, defended and did the little things that could make him a poor man’s David Noel.

The blurb here about Larry Drew means we have two national basketball writers publishing polar assessments of the junior PG in a matter of days. Granted Goodman did not actually see Drew himself but the news that he looked "improved" stands in contrast to Seth Davis noting Drew looked as though he had regressed when he saw him in practice last week. The important caveat with Davis' opinion is (1) it was only one practice(which he acknowledges) and (2) Drew has never been a good practice player.  Call it Ed Davis Syndrome.

It is good to hear Dexter Strickland is coming into his own. I like the sound of him being a lock-down defender and someone who can give the Heels a defensive presence for an opposing team's top shooter. It also sounds like Justin Watts is doing exactly what is expected of him which is make a few plays, grab a board or two while spelling the regular. It is not a shock to hear Reggie Bullock as a freshman being a tad inconsistent or that Justin Knox is dealing with a learning curve. Kendall Marshall with eight points and three steals? Yes please.

UNC takes the floor for an exhibition on Friday night versus Barton College. We can make our own assessments then.