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Tom Izzo Thinks He Has Found A Way To Beat UNC

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By playing the game on a 100,000 ton piece of United States Naval equipment. Apparently there is some now serious discussion that UNC could play Michigan St. on the deck of a United States aircraft carrier next season, possibly around Veteran's Day.

The idea of a North Carolina-Michigan State basketball game, to be played on an aircraft carrier, has been (pardon the pun) floating around for years. And it could finally happen, as early as next season.

Larry Gallo, a UNC senior associate athletic director, said Wednesday that the schools are still talking about the game, "and it could very well happen." Details could be ironed out by next month.

MSU’s long plan has been to play UNC in one game, with two service academies playing in another. Gallo said he did not yet know exactly when or where the game, if it occurs, will be played.

According to The Detroit Free Press, MSU athletic director Mark Hollis confirmed earlier this year that he would like to stage the game on Nov. 11, 2011, which is Veterans Day. One possible location, according to The Free Press: Jacksonville, Fla.

The main upside to this idea? We get to break out all those Top Gun quotes we've had uselessly stored in our brains since 1986 that only come in handy when the movie shows up on AMC.

I agree with Mark Armstrong on this, what about Roy Williams' vertigo? Yeah I know the thing is over three football fields long and will be docked but the darn thing is still bound to move a little right?

It is a novel idea and would be great for the men and women who serve our country plus maybe a little storyline for one of THF's favorite shows?

Next on NCIS: A lieutenant is murdered during a college basketball game on board the USS Ronald Reagan. Can the Tar Heels help Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs find the suspect in time?