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UNC-Vandy Game Thread

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Bounce, bounce, bounce....

What can this Tar Heel team tell us about their ability to shake off a tough loss in which everything went wrong and post a win against a quality opponent where more than a few things go right? Basic law of averages says Harrison Barnes will go 12-12 right? Right? Yeah, I know it does not work that way. I also know many of you have a fever and the only cure is more Kendall Marshall. Since I have no idea what Roy is thinking right now, I am not going to even speculate on whether he intends to pull Larry Drew for Marshall.

At this point I would like to see what Marshall can do if he is handed the reins as a starter and gives some good minutes with most of the regulars on the court. After all, tis the season to try weird crap out is it not?

Comments if you have 'em.