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Another Look At The End Of Regulation

It all begins with the Todd Harrelson catch and unbelievably stupid penalty on UT's Janzen Jackson after he launched himself into Harrelson. The real comedy begins when John Shoop inexplicably calls for a run play with zero timeouts and only 16 seconds left in the game. I guess that would have been fine had UNC calmly gotten to the line and clocked the ball. Except that didn't happen. Instead the field goal unit comes running on the field, then tries to exit and Yates has the presence of mind to clock the ball anyway. It was so bizarre that LSU's Les Miles is considering filing a trademark infringement lawsuit against Butch Davis. The referee declared the game over but replay officials overturned that determination and put one second back on the clock. UNC was penalized for having too many men on the field and Casey Barth, he of the Ice Water in the Veins Barth Family, nails the 38 yard FG to send it to overtime.

Here is an explanation of the call via EDSBS:

The refs got the call at the end of the game right: Yates did in fact snap the ball with one second left on the clock in the savviest spike of the year, and the call of illegal substitution (five yards) is the correct call because they were attempting to leave the field after a no-huddle situation, and not because they were trying to participate in the play (Illegal participation, fifteen horrible yards.)

With the way this football season has gone this was really the only way it could have ended right? I almost feel bad for the Volunteers having had two games this season they thought were won flipped over in strange fashion. I said almost because then I see replays of Tyler Bray making idiotic gestures after TDs and any empathy I have evaporates. If you ever wondered how J.J. Reddick would act if he played football, now you know.