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Anthony Elzy Out For Bowl Game

Academic reasons.

Usually when a player is lost for "academic reasons" after the semester is over it means they did not make the required grades or credit hours during the fall term. It is sort of surprising considering Anthony Elzy is a senior. You would think his academic credits and what not are mostly in order. Apparently not. Needless to say, this is another negative UNC could do without, especially since it is academic in nature. Cue the annoying jokes from ABCers how Elzy couldn't stay eligible without tutors cheating for him or something.

On the football side, Elzy was the starting running back but also a solid receiving option out of the backfield. Shaun Draughn and Hunter "Destroyer of Worlds" Furr will fill the gap at RB for the Music City Bowl vs Tennessee.

UPDATE: From TarHeelWire on Twitter concerning what Tennessee can expect.