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Pick Your Poison

Which quote depresses you the most? (All quotes from Inside Carolina's transcript of postgame audio.)

Coach Williams:

How infectious are the problems?

"Well, they are infectious, but my gosh, how can we go any lower? Be honest, how can it be any worse than it is right now? So you've got to put all that 'Woe is me' nonsense out of the way, and you've got to put all that nonsense about feeling sorry for yourself out of the way and you've got to play basketball."

Larry Drew:

Is the heart there in the locker room?

"Right now it's not. As of right now everybody is just pretty flat and not really showing a lot of emotion. And it's carrying out onto the court. At halftime the locker room was pretty dead and we were only down by five points. We've just got to bring it. We talk a lot, but it's time for us to start showing it."

Deon Thompson:

What now? What different things can you do?

"That's a great question. I'm pretty sure Coach will be up all night figuring out what's next and I'll be up all night. I mean, I've got four more homes games after this ... I really don't know what's next."

Marcus Ginyard:

Coach Williams is expressing his frustration that the different things he's trying aren't working. What are some of those things that aren't working?

"Everything. There's nothing really working right now. We just can't get it going on a consistent basis - that's what's frustrating for him."