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About the Haiti Comment

It didn't bother me in the least. For why, I defer to the overlords at the SB Nation blog:

What Williams DID NOT say: UNC's season is worse, or equal to what happened in Haiti, or that UNC's season is in any way comparable to Haiti, or that what happened in Haiti wasn't the most godawful thing ever, or that he's unsympathetic to the plight of the island. See, the massage therapist is the one who made the connection between the two, not Williams.

What Williams DID say: He thinks UNC's season has been a catastrophe, not merely a disappointment.

To quote Spencer Hall, my colleague here at SB Nation: "The offramp to Outrageland is the first place a writer will go, even if they have to jump the median to get there."

The whole point is that Williams is taking these losses unbelievably hard, and his perspective is a bit skewed. It's the kind of coach he is.