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Another UNC Team Plummets Downward at Great Speed

Of course, this time it's intentional. The women's swimming & diving team, members of which were last seen dashing through the snow, host the ACC championships today through Saturday at Koury Natatorium. The Heels have only two losses, one to ACC favorites Virginia and a second to top-ranked Georgia. They enter the championships with the top-seed swimmers in the 100 and 200-yard breaststroke (sophomores Katie Keel and Laura Moriarty, respectively) and the 200-yard individual medley, freshman Maria Pesacreta. They also have the top two divers from three meters, Jenna Moore and Chay Malvasio, and the ACC record holder in the 500-yard freestyle, Katura Harvey.

Carolina is ranked fifteenth in the country as of the last poll. And yes, I know the above headline only applies to the divers and the swimmers, but do you think I was going to pass it up for the sake of accuracy?