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Georgia Tech 62, UNC 58

Can we just end this season now? I'm serious. Decline any NIT bid that might float UNC's way. Ignore the CBI. Just walk away. I'm tired of watching this team fall apart. 

For awhile at least, this team played like they wanted to be there. Some of it was more Tech's ineptitude than anything else; the Yellow Jackets came out slow and unfocused, with nine turnovers and 2-11 shooting from behind the arc in the first half. The Heels, on the other hand, outhustled, outrebounded and plain embarrassed Tech in the first half. Even with their all-too familiar poor shooting, UNC went into the locker room with a ten point lead, led by Marcus Ginyard, who was everywhere on the court spurring the team on.

Less than four minutes into the second half, that lead was gone. And Carolina was never able to pull back away, despite Tyler Zeller's first career double-double. With John Henson on the bench in foul trouble for large stretches, the Heels had no answer for Derrick Favors and no ability to get the ball in the basket. UNC was 10 for 33 from the field in the second half, and scored their last field goal with 5:11 to play. The defense was pretty good down the stretch, but Deon Thompson had a silly foul with thirteen seconds remaining on the shot clock, and that was all she wrote. A typical end to a very atypical season.

Carolina won't turn down an NIT bid, of course. Williams has already said as much. I think the fans would prefer it if he just spared us all the pain, though. Spring football has to start up soon, right?