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NCAA Tournament Saturday Game Thread

Something to pass the time between UNC's win over Mississippi State and their impending win over Gonzaga late tonight.

Here's a link to view the CBS feeds online. By the way, the NCAA has strict rules on how I should be presenting that link. To wit:

Please make sure to use the full product name and official NCAA terms. In addition, adhere to the proper usage of trademarks for NCAA marks and logos. 

Do Use

NCAA® Championship, NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship, NCAA® March Madness on Demand®

Do Not Use

NCAA Tournament, Tournament, NCAA March Madness, March Madness, MMOD, March Madness on Demand 


Always use NCAA® Championship when referring to the NCAA® Division I Men's Basketball Championship. Always use the full product name with notation of ® after the registered trademark terms "NCAA" and "March Madness on Demand"    

The NCAA®: Always putting the interests® of student-atheletes™ ahead of the crass® concerns of mere© money£¥₡$. Way to go, guys.