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NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Game Thread

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I would love to know how Purdue went from "team likely to lose to Siena" to being "proof that Duke is an unstoppable force" in the course of a week. It'll have to join my list of other mysteries, like "How is the fact that three players scored all but twelve of your points a good thing?" or "Where did you come up with this straw man about a weak Duke defense to knock down for this article?" or "Why do people still think Brian Zoubek is good?"

The last one really greats on me. Yes, he had 14 rebounds. The opposing center had 23 points. Defensive rebounds are easy when you skip the whole playing defense thing that typically proceeds it.

Anyway, the next four games will all get TV time to their lonesome, but if you''re called away, the internet has them here. I'm rooting for a Butler-Baylor-WVU-MSU Final Four – in all four games it will be for my dislike of their opponents more than anything about these particular teams. Which means it's quite possible I could have a nightmare Final Four if things go the other way. Who do you root for in a Kentucky-Duke matchup, anyway?