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UNC 69, Miami 62

Hurricanes vs Tar Heels boxscore

First things first, it's worth pointing out: UNC wins by an average of seven points when they start Marc Campbell, James Gallagher, and Thomas Thornton. The team's problem's are all but solved!

OK, so perhaps a sample size of one is not the best impetus for a wholesale lineup change. Either way, the seniors acquitted themselves well in their two-plus minutes of play, heading to the bench with a 4-3 lead, after which the standard starters tok the court and quickly extended it to double digits. After that it was the UNC team we've all come to know and scream at: too many turnovers (17), poor shooting (40.4%) and an inability to just put a team away. When your opponent is Miami, however, there's a limit to how bad things can get. Marcus Ginyard closed out his Smith Center career with his first double-double (12 pts, 12 boards) and Henson matched that rebounding total and continued to show flashes of the dominant player he can become over the next couple of years.

It was, of course, the university 2,000th win, as the Heels crossed that milestone just under the wire of their 100th season. There's not much about this season UNC fans are going to want to remember, but for one night at least, hisory was made and if you squinted, it looked like a Carolina team of old. Now they can take a winning streak into Cameron to close out the regular season, an perhaps ruin another Duke Senior Night along the way.