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And Now, David Noel in the Philipines

Here's an interesting postscript to the previous post. While looking up Cedric Simmons for yesterday's post, I worked my way over to David Noel's Wikipedia page, where I learned that the season following the one chronicled in this book found Noel as the import for the aforementioned Gin-Kings in the Phillipines. With Pacific Rims under my belt, I'm now aware of just how difficult it is for an import to succeed in this country. With only one import per team, the expectations are immense and more often than not they're sent packing within a week. Noel took the Gin-Kings to the Finals, as well as put on this display in the All-Star game:

That was from the local vs. import dunk championship, a two round dunk-off between Noel and the Filipino dunk champion, Gabe Norwood. Norwood played college basketball in the states for, of all schools, the George Mason team that ended Noel's college career. You cannot make these things up. The whole thing is here.

And again, read Pacific Rims. You'll thank me for it.