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ACC Preseason Poll Released: Florida State Cursed Again

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So the ACC preseason media poll came out today at the golf-heavy and news-light media days, and there's no surprises, really. Virginia Tech and Florida State are tapped to win their respective divisions, and... well, why I don't I let 2009 Carolina March take it from here?

The Coastal Division was picked to finish in the exact order as last year final results, with Virginia Tech getting 78 first place votes and Georgia Tech 9. I would have expected less of a spread since the top four teams in the Coastal were all separated by a game in conference and everyone had at least one victory among the four. Defaulting to the biggest name is always the safe bet, which explains Florida State's 56 votes atop the Atlantic Division as well.

Vote totals aside, the only difference between that paragraph and what happened today is that GT was dropped to third despite winning the ACC last year – a reasonable move, actually. Everything else still applies, from the order of the Coastal Division down to FSU's default slot at the top of the Atlantic.

Which, by the way, is bad news for the Seminoles. The ACC media hasn't picked the correct winner of the Atlantic Division since 2005, mostly because they keep picking FSU, and FSU keeps failing. The one year the Seminoles did make it to the title game... the media went with Clemson. But I'm open to hearing the logic of people on this. Sure there's Christian Ponder, who we'll assume has a healthy and injury-free season, but the defense is still the one that gave up 434.6 yards a game. What's changed that garners them 78 of 98 votes?