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Is UNC Going to Have an Offensive Line This Season?

"It didn’t happen. He didn’t hold his own. Nobody did."

That's Butch Davis, talking about whether freshman tackle James Hurst bested Robert Quinn during spring practice. (T.J. Yates had claimed he had.) In what I found the most interesting thing about the ACC Media Days, Davis did have nice things to say about multiple offensive linemen, especially Alan Pelc, who can play any spot on the line, and center Jonathan Cooper. UNC's offensive line woes were the biggest problem the team had last season, and if Pelc, who played all thirteen games but didn't start until the bowl game can now be slotted anywhere, that could be a big boost. The Heels return most of their starters from last year's line; how big of an improvement they've made will go a long way in determining the success of this year's team.