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A Brief Explanation on the Next Week of Posts

So, Electronic Arts would really like you to buy this year's version of NCAA Football. Really. I know this because they're sponsoring the next week of posts, all under the "Where I Come From" rubric. Now, my entire experience with EA's game series is the six months one of my roommates had an Xbox around 2003. If I recall correctly,  I took Akron and UNC to the BCS Championship based solely on a particular play that almost always got the tertiary receiver a good forty yards, an achievement that remains my sole qualification for being a sports blogger. That streak will presumably continue, as the only way I have of manipulating players on my TV is either a Wii or frustrated screaming, and EA doesn't not provide the game that works for either format.

That being said, there are folks out there more excited than I for this, and I have no problem reminding them that the game goes on sale next week, as it also provides me with seven days of topics for posts during the slow summer season. So here's what you can expect, beginning in a couple of minutes:

Today: How I Became a Carolina Fan

Tuesday: My All-Time Favorite UNC Teams

Wednesday: Tailgating Traditions

Thursday: All-Time Favorite Tar Heels

Friday: Most Memorable Moments as a Carolina Fan

Monday: Expectations for the 2010 Season

The same things will be running al over the SB Nation college blogs, so if nothing else, it will be good for some tailgating smack talk.