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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

So I've spent the last week away from the internet in a national park, on a vacation I neatly scheduled to fall in between the bear-mauling and escaped convict seasons. And it was quite fun and relaxing. But I expected to come back to a crush of blogging, as I frantically tried to catch up with everything that had gone on in my absence.

Funny thing is, nothing happened.

All right, to be fair, things happened. The first day of practice was Friday, which is critically important if you're on the football team, but as a fan not much is going to come out. Everyone will be reported as good, or injured – the first injury goes to Gio Bernard, the true freshman running back who will now redshirt after tearing his ACL. Information shouldn't leak out of practice, and I'm glad it doesn't, but it extends the silly season of nothing to discuss for an extra couple of weeks at least.

Case in point, I apparently missed the entire frenzy of Marvin Austin being declared innoncent, then un-innocent, all in the course of an afternoon. Frankly, I blame air conditioning. If people still had to beat the heat by sipping cool drinks on the porch, they wouldn't be working themselves into a lather on the smallest scrap of information.

Anyway, starting tomorrow I'll start breaking out the season preview sort of posts I write every year. Practice is under way, and football season is coming. It's only four months of the year; don't rush it into coming before it's time.