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On Marvin Austin's Facebook Posting

I'm surprisingly sympathetic to this view of Marvin Austin's weekend Facebook post of frustration, although it overstates its case. Austin has become the face of both the South-wide agent scandal and the tutor thing by virtue of everything being started with his tweets. It's worth pointing out though that reports have him still practicing with the second team, as opposed to the scout team currently playing host to those suspected of academic impropriety. Add to that the fact that every indication points to any improper benefits Austin received came from former teammate Kentwan Balmer, not an agent; while still possibly against the rules, it's much more of a gray area than a clear-cut case of right and wrong.

Austin has spent the summer subjected to a wave of accusation and speculation that he's facing suspension for months now, and not being able to defend himself has got to chafe. So while his comments are overly self-pitying, Austin is still fast becoming one of the more sympathetic people in this entire story. 

(UNC, of course, responded by updating their social networking policy. I pity the coaches assigned monitor duties.)