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Shaun Draughn Cleared to Play Against Georgia Tech

Butch Davis started the week with some good news, announcing that running back Shaun Draughn had been cleared to play Saturday in the home opener against Georgia Tech. This is obviously a boon for the Heels, as backs Anthony Elzy and Johnny White were held to a combined 75 yards against LSU. While Georgia Tech isn't exactly weak against the run, they did give a 55-yard carry against South Carolina State and the Jayhawks' James Sims had a 101-yard game last weekend against the Yellow Jackets.

WIth Draughn's return to active duty, five players are left in that limboesque status of "withheld from play" – DE Linwan Euwell, safety Brian Gupton, tailback Ryan Houston, safety Da'Norris Searcy and safety Jonathan Smith. Draughn's approval to play bodes well for seeing some of them on Saturday. The status of the other six players declared ineligible for the LSU game is more doubtful, although all but Marvin Austin are practicing with the team.