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I'm Not Sure Lane Kiffin Understands How Football Works

One of the oddities of the 2010 season has been Lane Kiffin's decisions after touchdowns. Southern Cal has found the end zone 14 times in three games, and despite the situation never calling for it, has attempted a two point conversion on seven of those tries. That's... unusual, in an attention-getting, insecurity-hiding way, but it's not what I found worth noting. It's his justification for doing so that's odd:

"If you make it, you're ahead of things and in a two-score game right away," Kiffin said.

A two-score game right away? If you score once, you are by definition only ahead by one score, no matter how you decide to finish it off. The rules are the same for both teams. If your opponents answer with a touchdown, they can also go for two and tie it right back up. One score. Or more likely, they could just kick the extra point and take a lead, because USC is a dismal 2 for 7 in two-point attempts so far. 

The thing is, I can think up much better reasons for this type of play-calling. If Kiffin's determined that the odds of success are significantly better than 50% an he has faith in his offense, then yes, it makes sense. Or if he solely recruited livestock for the placekicker position, only to find out that Don Knotts vehicles are in fact, not documentaries and shouldn't be raided for coaching advice. But a two-score game on one score? That's the dumbest thing I've heard in quite some time.