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Bullock May Miss UVa Game

Freshman SG/SF Reggie Bullock may be unavailable for UNC's game vs Virginia on Saturday due to the death of his grandmother. Bullock returned to Kinston Friday morning after receiving news his grandmother, with whom he had lived for "a long, long time" had passed away.

Via ACC Now:

"We don’t know about the availability of Reggie tomorrow,’’ coach Roy Williams said at his press conference today. "Reggie’s grandmother passed away this morning, and he was not at practice today, and we don’t know what’s going on. … You’ll know [whether he plays] at game-time. There will be no announcement or anything. If he’s there at game time, he’ll play."

Williams said Bullock, who is from Kinston, lived with his grandmother for a "long, long time." She had been ill for a while, the coach said: "He’s made at least two or three trips this year back to check with her."

Obviously thoughts and prayers for Bullock and his family.