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Georgia Tech 78 UNC 58

Call this...well...whatever you want to call it. It was clearly one of those shake your head, face in your palm, pet hiding in the other room kind of game.

It was ugly and there is not a darn thing we can do about it now. You guys want to burn the place down, rip the team, rip the coach, proclaim doom and gloom for now and forever go right ahead. Since I just watched my favorite team play an utterly forgettable game with a serious lack of toughness then I am going to try my best to forget it happened and vest my interest in something else.

Oh look...NCIS reruns on USA. That looks pretty good. Hey, TNT is showing Transformers.

Besides that I don't have any answers other than starting Kendall Marshall and that may not be a cure all. It will help and push the team in the right direction but Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will this team.

Oh and I would not totally panic yet given UNC's history in Atlanta and the fact this is a team in progress. Now if they drop The Streak versus Clemson on Tuesday then you are free to riot.