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Hansbrough's Natural Instincts Take Over; Dunks On Blue Devil

It is well documented that both animals and humans possess certain instincts that simply take over when the right set of conditions present themselves. For example, a cat when faced with danger will raise it's back up, hiss and prepare to defend itself. Or a turtle when threatened will hide in it's shell. If someone puts a large Papa John's pizza in front of me, I eat the whole thing. These are completely natural responses which the animal or human cannot control. The same is true of current or former Tar Heel basketball players when they see a current or former Duke player around the basket area. There is an overwhelming, almost primal urge to dunk the basketball on them even if the Blue Devil in question is a teammate. Until now, this phenomenon has only be recorded twice.

The first occurrence came in 1995 when UNC's Jerry Stackhouse dunked on what Mick Mixon called "almost fourteen feet of Duke post players."

The second instance of this act occurred in 2008 when Danny Freaking Green did so on Duke guard Greg Paulus. It should be noted Paulus was known to bring out similar behavior by non-Tar Heels on several different occasions.

On Wednesday night, we were able to witness this event yet again during the Indiana-Golden St when former Tar Heel Tyler Hansbrough ran down the lane and slammed home a putback over teammate and former Blue Devil Mike Dunleavy.

Dunking on Duke players never gets old.