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Walk-Ons Sticky Note John Henson's SUV

Meet Real Blue Steel, aka the UNC walk-on basketball players. They have their own Twitter account sporting the motto: "We swear we're on the UNC basketball team. For real. We live for warmups, blowouts and free gear." Not a bad gig in college if you can get it. Anyway, the walk-ons decided to pull a prank on John Henson by putting 2400 sticky notes on his SUV. Video below:

It has been a rough stretch for John Henson's SUV which was "booted" earlier in the week with Dexter Strickland providing the picture. Henson has promised revenge on the walk-ons and probably not swatting every shot they put in practice today.

On a side note for those ABCers who will see Henson's rather expensive ride and go into a tizzy about improper benefits. John Henson's father is Matt Henson who is a vice president for the OSI Restaurant Group. That group owns several national chains including Outback and Carrabba's. Needless to say, he can probably afford it.