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UNC DL Coach Bolts For NFL

Wow...that was quick.

Via IC:

Less than a month after taking the job as North Carolina's defensive line coach, Brian Baker is headed back to the NFL.
Baker confirmed to the Charlotte Observer on Tuesday that he's accepted a lucrative offer to coach the defensive line for the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys made the offer to Baker last week.

Apparently the money, to quote Cam Newton's father, was "too much." I have seen rumors Dallas will be paying Baker $500,000. Given how it all went down, Baker's biggest mistake was not waiting to see if any other NFL jobs opened up before committing to the job at UNC. Still I suppose we can give Baker credit for not bailing in the middle of the season or taking money from an agent while he was at UNC right?

Oh, and which ABCer talking point do you think they will go with:

1. Baker found out the extent of the NCAA violations and did not want to be a part of the program

2. Baker happened into Butch Davis office while his mask was off and saw he was really a demon spawned from hell.

3. UNC waited until after NSD to announce this thus lying to recruits. Seeing how they lied about the extent of the coming NCAA sanctions I am sure it wasn't hard.

4. Probably best for them because nobody outthinks Dana Bible.