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UNC-Duke Game Thread

Just to be clear on what this will look like after the game is over.

If it is a close game(1-2 possessions) then the opinions of either team will not change regardless of the winner. UNC might get a little bump for winning at Hansbrough Indoor but even if the Heels lose a close game they still win in terms of perception. Duke winning a close game will be seen as a sign of toughness and being more experienced.

If Duke controls the game and wins by 10 or more then UNC's general stock will take a hit and Duke will go back to being everyone's darling. If it is a flat blowout by the Devils then we will get into this debate of which UNC is the real one. Is it the three wins by 20 or more over ACC opponents or the team that struggled early in the ACC schedule.

If UNC controls the game or blows Duke out then prepare yourself for some incredible hype directed at the Heels. Duke will face major questions about their national title hopes and there will be all sorts of dark horse crazy talk about UNC possible making a run to the Final Four.

At any rate, what I am looking for from UNC is a sign they can play with a top ten team on the road. They almost beat Texas and if the play of late holds, they can certainly beat Duke.

Comments if you have 'em.