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ACC First Round Open Thread II

The evening session.

#7 Maryland vs #10 NC State, 7:00 PM
#6 Virginia Tech vs #11 Georgia Tech, 9:30 PM

A few aspects that make these two games interesting.

First, this could very well be the last time we Sidney Lowe on the sideline for NC State. Yeah, I supposed they could end up in the NIT but I don't think that is happening. Lowe is 0-8 versus Gary Williams so the historical deck is stacked against the Wolfpack here. Chances are this game will be marked by Maryland missing a ton of shots due to the Terps' complete lack of self control in transition coupled with NCSU playing well for about 35 minutes then falling to pieces. In other words, exactly how you would expect a game between these two to go. As a bonus you get to hear Mike Patrick and Len Elmore on ESPN. Try to mask your excitement.

Next up is watching Seth Greenberg's team play roulette with the NCAA Tournament chances. There is nothing quite like watching Greenberg continue to bet on red and have the ball land on black over and over. After beating Duke, VT should have been a lock for the Big Dance providing they took care of business versus BC and Clemson. The Hokies failed in that endeavor and now face bubble oblivion versus the Yellow Jackets. The Jackets and Paul Hewitt are always fun to watch and I mean that in a sadistic, twisted way not to mean something you would enjoy. The second game of the evening could be a trainwreck type of game you will be unable to pull yourself away from.

Comments if you have 'em. I will be on Twitter attempting and failing to make a decent joke.