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ACC Quarterfinals Open Thread

The evening session.

#2 Duke vs #7 Maryland, 7 PM
#3 Florida St. vs #6 Virginia Tech, 9:30 PM

The question in the first game is whether six days off did Duke or Kyle Singler in particular any good. The two headed monster of Nolan Smith and Seth Curry is formidable but as UNC showed last Saturday night imminently beatable with the right match-up. The problem with Maryland is the lack of offense so even if Duke struggles to put the ball through the hoop, their defense will likely prevent Maryland from doing the same. Smith is enough of a consistent offensive option for the Devils to get by. Maryland's hope lies with monster games from Jordan Williams and Terrell Stoglin.

The second game should be entertaining. Virginia Tech took care of business last night in a rare display of situational awareness in March. A win over FSU would probably cement them in the NCAA Tournament. FSU is probably still a tad bubbly which means they probably would like to cash in the opportunity here for another win. There is also the possibility Chris Singelton returns for FSU. Having him and Jeff Allen go at it could be fun.

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