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McAdoo, Hairston Impress In All-American Game

I know it is just an high school all star game but both future Tar Heels acquitted themselves quite well in the McDonald's All-American game.

Power forward James McAdoo was named co-MVP of the game alongside Kentucky's Michael Gilchrist. McAdoo scored 17 points on a variety of shots from alley-oop dunks to a three pointer. During the game ESPN senior recruiting analyst Dave Telep(aka the most trusted man in the basketball recruiting world) tweeted:

I think James McAdoo is one of only a handful of guys in this game who could legitimately carry a team early in college's top analyst Evan Daniels also had good things to say about McAdoo.

The McAdoo we saw all week is surfacing. He can knock down jump shots or do damage inside. Major weapon on the way to Chapel Hill.

Daniels also said this prior to the game.

James McAdoo has been great most of the week. He's advanced physically & athletically. He's had some big moments during the East's practices

The impressive part of McAdoo's performance was the quiet, workmanlike manner he went about scoring. In my opinion the big men have to work harder in these games to score because they don't handle the basketball much. Perimeter players can tend to dominate the ball but McAdoo got himself in position to score, showed a nice shot and at one point stole a perimeter pass and went down for a dunk. McAdoo will be a upgrade over Justin Knox coming off the bench(assuming everyone stays) given his size and versatility.

Shooting guard P.J. Hairston has the "shooting" part down. Hairston had 15 points and buried at least three 3-pointers from NBA range or beyond. One of the threes was from 25 feet easy. Of course he also missed badly on a couple of threes from that range but the point is Hairston can shoot the ball. Translating to college will be a challenge but from what I have seen Hairston is athletic and I also think might be a good defender. I think his shot will be there providing he learns a thing or two about good shot selection. If everyone returns, Hairston could be a Danny Green-like threat coming off the bench. I also think he is going to push Leslie McDonald and Reggie Bullock to improve their games.

Based on Twitter traffic I know Kendall Marshall was watching, probably with a towel so he could continually wipe the drool off his mouth. He has to be thinking, "More scorers to pass to! 300 assist season here I come!"

If everyone comes back, UNC was going to be lethal anyway. These two will make them leathalier. Yeah, I made a word up. Live with it.