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Michael Jordan & Tar Heels Discuss Shoes

Nice video via WRAL from the weekend in Charlotte. UNC was leaving the practice on Saturday when they ran into former Tar Heel and current Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan fiddling around with what appeared to be some sort of ATV. The video is pretty funny, especially Jordan giving Harrison Barnes a hard time for wearing Kobe Bryant shoes. In fact the whole discussion is about shoes and the team wearing "Jordan 11s" and wanting to wear "cool greys." My ignorance of basketball shoes is right up there with my ignorance of most things pop culture such as not knowing who Fergie was when the Black Eyed Peas played the Super Bowl. Anyway, Jordan told the team if they made the Final Four they would get to wear any shoe they wanted(insert obligatory NCSU fan whining about NCAA violations here) which for the shoe obsessed Kendall Marshall means he is totally dropping 15 assists per game from here on out.

The tail end of the video includes some of the Duke players and coaches talking to Jordan including someone calling Kyle Singler back as he is walking to the bus. Singler runs over to shake Jordan's hand. It is funny to watch even Duke players stand in awe of Jordan, who besides being one of the greatest ever, is also a Tar Heel.