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NCAA (First)Second Round Open Thread I

Afternoon session

East(Tampa, FL): #5 West Virginia vs #12 Clemson, 12:15 PM, CBS
Southeast(Washington, DC): #8 Butler vs #9 Old Dominion, 12:40 PM, TruTV
Southwest(Denver, CO): #4 Louisville vs #13 Morehead St., 1:40 PM, TBS
West(Tuscon, AZ): #7 Temple vs #10 Penn St., 2:10 PM, TNT

East(Tampa, FL): #4 Kentucky vs #13 Princeton, 2:45 PM, CBS
Southeast(Washington, DC): #1 Pitt vs #16 UNC Asheville, 3:10 PM, TruTV
Southwest(Denver, CO): #5 Vanderbilt vs #12 Richmond, 4:10 PM, TBS
West(Tuscon, AZ): #2 San Diego St. vs #15 N. Colorado, 4:40 PM, TNT

The NCAA insists on calling this the second round even though it feels like the first round. Just another minor change that probably does not matter but annoys me nonetheless, sort of like the change to FBS and FCS instead of I-A and I-AA in football. Anyway, Clemson will try to muster another nice effort after a less than 48 hour turnaround from their win on Tuesday night.

On first glance the most interesting matchups are Butler-Old Dominion, Kentucky-Princeton and Vanderbilt-Richmond. I throw UK-Princeton in there because you never know what might happen with Princeton in the NCAA Tournament.

Enjoy the games and drop comments below.