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NCAA (First)Second Round Open Thread IV

After the UNC game

Southwest(Tulsa, OK): #8 UNLV vs #9 Illinois, 9:20 PM, TBS
East(Charlotte, NC): #7 Washington vs #10 Georgia, 9:45 PM, CBS
Southwest(Chicago, IL): #6 Georgetown vs #11 VCU, 9:50 PM, TNT
East(Cleveland, OH): #3 Syracuse vs #14 Indiana St., 9:57 PM, truTV

While UNC was playing you had Kansas-Boston Univ., Purdue-St. Peters and Xavier-Marquette.

The game writeup is forthcoming, until then do a little scouting for the next game with Washington vs Georgia. Washington knocking off UNC is a trendy pick but let's first see if they can beat Georgia whose only losses to a non-NCAA Tournament team were to Alabama in the regular season and SEC Tournament. Georgetown is supposed to bring Chris Wright back making them more dangerous than their seed would indicate.

Oh do you think there is any chance Indiana St. can clear the road for UNC assuming the Heels get by the WA-GA winner?