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NCAA Third Round Open Thread I

Saturday Games

East(Tampa, FL): #4 Kentucky vs #5 West Virginia, 12:15 PM, CBS
Southeast(Tampa, FL): #2 Florida vs #7 UCLA, 2:45 PM, CBS
Southwest(Denver, CO): #12 Richmond vs #13 Morehead St., 5:15 PM, CBS
West(Tuscon, AZ): #2 San Diego St. vs #7 Temple, 6:10 PM, TNT

Southeast(Washington, DC): #1 Pitt vs #8 Butler, 7:10 PM, TBS
Southeast(Denver, CO): #3 BYU vs #11 Gonzaga, 7:45 PM, CBS
Southeast(Tuscon, AZ): #4 Wisconsin vs #5 Kansas St., 8:40 PM, TNT
West(Washington, DC): #3 UConn vs #6 Cincinnati, 9:40 PM, TBS

This will be almost 12 straight hours of basketball. UK-WVU lead things off with an interesting stat. John Calipari is 1-8 versus Bob Huggins which means UK doesn't have a chance. That Richmond-Morehead St. game means there will be at least one double digit seed in the Sweet Sixteen. The Pitt-Butler games might be the most interesting match-up of the day. Oh and if you want to know whether your basketball conference is too big? When your member schools end up playing each other in the round of 32. UConn might be the team that could knock Duke off in the regional final if they continue to play as well as they did in the first game.