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THF ACC Tournament Picks

Here is what your esteemed contributors here at THF think will go down. Chances we will be completely wrong? Just about even.

[table id=98 /]

Yeah, we are all three really counting Duke out which can only mean we are totally going to get screwed on that one.

This is really as much a crap shoot as any season I can remember. Roy Williams was correct in calling this an NCAA Tournament play-in for many teams. The four teams in the 3-6 range all need at least one win or more to crawl off the NCAA Tournament bubble. Postseason desperation breeds all sorts craziness in a conference tournament. Add to that teams like Maryland, Miami, Virginia, NC State and even Georgia Tech who could magically go on a run and what you could end up with is total chaos. Total chaos conference tournaments are always the best....just as long as UNC rises it above it.