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THF Tournament Pick'Em

Okay, our Tar Heels are back in the Big Dance so we are all far more interested in this thing than we were last year. That also means it is time to pick some brackets.

Click on this link to join the THF Tournament Pick'Em. That should take you directly to the group page so you can add your bracket.

Yahoo! starts the brackets with the Round of 64 which is now the second round even though we will all see it as the first round and be forever confused. So if you had your heart set on picking that Texas-San Antonio/Alabama St. winner you will be disappointed. I personally think this is better. Having people do brackets in 1-2 days is just wrong. Everyone knows you need at least four days of procrastinating before rushing to get your bracket in at 12:10 PM on Thursday.

Let me know if there are any questions.